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Download FLAC. Cover back LP. Back CD Inlay. Download MP3 kbps. Back LP: A B. Cover back. Back CD Inlay: 1 iillapu 3 4. Adrian Pertout speaks with Illapu's musical director Roberto Marquez Bugueno from Santiago, Chile about their music, their life in exile, and their upcoming tour of Australia. Illapu were formed twenty-six years ago in Antofagasta, Northern Chile, and today are one of the country's most celebrated popular groups, with a discography of fifteen albums that has so far yielded seventeen platinum awards. Illapu, ttu incidentally means 'lightning bolt' in the indigenous Inca language of Quechua, have enchanted audiences all over the world with their animated blend of traditional Andean folk and contemporary popular music. Their music features the rich vocalizations of its six multi-instrumentalists, with the accompaniment provided by a vast array of instruments that include the Spanish guitar, charango, Venezuelan cuatro, Colombian tiple, bandurria, string guitar, electric bass guitar, zampona, quena, quenacho, moxeno, pinquillo, sicura, rondador, ocarina, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, trutruca, bombo, Peruvian cajon, bongo, tumbadora, cencerro, huiro, pandero, claves, matraca, cascabeles, chachas, trompe, caja, tom and electronic drums. In April the group returns once again to the 'Great Southern Land', and in conclusion this visit will no doubt be appraised as Illapu's fourth successful Australian tour. Tell me about the birth of Illapu. What was illpau main inspirational force behind its foundation? RMB: "Illapu, which in Descargar gratis tu propia primavera illapu means 'lightning bolt', was formed indedicating ourselves firstly to the salvaging and compilation of Andean folklore, and starting from that base, to the creation itself. How would you gratls the blend of ;ropia and contemporary music that you perform? What is the origin of the rhythms and the instruments used? RMB: "We utilize instruments of Latin-American origin, like the Venezuelan cuatro, gratus Peruvian cajon, the quena, the zampona, as illapu as the electro-acoustic guitar, the flute and the saxophone. Your Latin American audiences respond overwhelmingly to the message descargar gratis tu propia primavera illapu in your lyrics.

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Track Listing - Disc 2. From our exile in France, where we lived almost inside a bubble, we went to Mexico, an audience closer to us. What is the capital city of Chile? El tema mp3 Illapu Tu Propia Primavera duraeste tema musical lo subió S P y cuenta con descrgar de 1, visitas y va en aumento. Paisaje en huayno. Sincero Positivo. Declarese responsable.
descargar gratis tu propia primavera illapu

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