Powershell import-module azureadpreview 2020

Check the spelling of the name, or powershell import-module azureadpreview 2020 a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again. Which version of the Preview module you have, works fine here with 2. Thank you very much! I was not aware that I had to import the module. Hope this wil change in the future so that the module loads automatically when start PowerShell like the MSOL module does. It does load, but you have matching cmdlets between the two modules, and the non-preview version takes precedence. Unless you load it explicitly :. Having same issue. You should be able to run both side by side for production. I have the same issue. The AzureADPreview module was working fine with 2. I can't run Azureadprevieww cmdlets anymore. This worked. Thank you. This worked for me. Aaureadpreview had a new Win10 laptop and installing the preview v2. Products 70 Special Topics 19 Video Hub Most Powershell import-module azureadpreview 2020 Hubs Microsoft Teams. Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Edge Insider.

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Turn on suggestions. Occasional Contributor. Microsoft Enterprise. MVP Award Program. Most Active Hubs Microsoft Teams. Han Valk. I urgently need to adjust the token lifetimes.
powershell import-module azureadpreview 2020

You should be able to run both side by side for production. Thom McKiernan. Most Active Hubs Microsoft Teams. Premier Field Engineering.