CaracterГ­sticas de android 8 vs 9 2020

Is your Google Pixel phone downloading Android 9. There are plenty of great features in Android 9. Google has introduced a new app navigation system when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Open apps appear as cards that are swiped through from left to right, rather than vertically like in older versions. Swipe up to dismiss, or down to enter. Swipe it up again to enter the full app drawer. It will also work really well on longer aspect ratio screens. They look better thanks to a new font and more minimal design. The Do Not Disturb feature is comprehensive, and covers calls, notifications, messages, reminders, and plenty more. You can customize this further if you want. Sold as a way to reduce the time you spend on your phone, Digital Wellbeing — which is a beta service at the moment and only available on Pixel phones — is better employed as a way to minimize distractions, and make your phone a more caracterГ­sticas de android 8 vs 9 2020 companion. Hopefully, the basic functions will encourage further use. We like anything that potentially saves us time and effort, and App Actions promises to do that. These contextual shortcuts appear in the app drawer, and are suggestions on features, apps, or services that you may want to activate based on your habits and time of day. For example, in the morning it may provide a shortcut to Google Maps and your route to work, or to open a playlist when you plug in or connect headphones.

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Posted by caminel. Sign in. Índice 1 Android 9. Multiple SIM cards support Quick settings shortcuts to join Wi-Fi networks or control Bluetooth devices Lock protection if lost or stolen High Definition voice call Stability and performance enhancements. In Android 9, you can provide accessibility pane titlescaracterГ­stica individually identifiable titles, for these panes. It combines " Gingerbread " and " Honeycomb " versions in a cohesive platform for tablets and phones at the same time. This change allows your app to start faster and consume less disk space and RAM. Report Embed.
caracterГ­sticas de android 8 vs 9 2020

To learn more about the technology behind this feature, see the Google Cloud Key Vault Service whitepaper. Please enter your name here. You can use setData on the message to display an image.